10 Secrets to Mastering Kim Kardashian’s Makeup

Mario Dedivanovic then created a solid portfolio, worked with renowned make-up artists such as Kabuki and Billy B., and then landed a job at the Fox News television station. He meets Kim Kardashian, starlet whose reality TV series has just started, during a photo shoot. That was ten years ago, on April 5, 2008.

He tells the story of their meeting in an interview on the Fashionista website: “She loved the makeup I created. She was always asking me what products I used, and she kept taking selfies. It was just about the time she was becoming nationally famous. After the shoot, she asked me to go shopping with her, because she wanted to buy the products that I used and give them to her makeup artist in Los Angeles.”

It goes on and on: “She started asking me [when she needed a makeup artist], and then she became more and more famous. (…) Something was happening every day, whether it was a photo shoot, a red carpet, or the shooting of her show.” He then leaves his agency and follows Kim Kardashian in her meteoric rise.

Mario Dedivanovic shared his best tips about Kim Kardashian makeup secrets during Master Class, these are the 10 most important tricks to keep in mind if you want to achieve makeup mastery like Kim’s :

1. Makeup first, hair second

“When clients get their hair done first, there’s usually hairspray on the face, so I always start with a makeup wipe,” said Dedivanovic as he prepped Kardashian’s skin for the makeup tutorial (she had her hair in her signature slick and low ponytail). Plus, if you’re getting a big, bouncy blowout, you won’t want to pin it back for the duration of the makeup application and risk creasing. 

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