18 Actors who have appeared in more than 100 films throughout their career

18 Actors who have appeared in more than 100 films throughout their career

The broadcasting world constantly manages to dazzle us with the stories it tells us and the incredible experiences it gives us. And among the people who contribute to our dreams in the most direct way are without a doubt the actors who, with each new character they play for us, become a little more endearing and imprint themselves on our memory.

The celebrities we will talk about in this article have not only fulfilled the dream of many people to act in a film, but they have also had the luxury of seeing their names appear on the screen in a very large number of film credits.

Celebstrending is going to introduce you today to 18 actors who, throughout their career, have participated in more than 100 films, and who will no doubt be remembered for a very long time.

18. Bette Davis – 123 performances

Bette Davis
Bette Davis ©canyon-news.com

Bette Davis, who was born on April 5, 1908 in Massachusetts, will be remembered as a film heroine who excelled in what was then a male-dominated industry. She began her Broadway career at the age of 22. Her status as an actress was consolidated in 1932, when she signed a contract with Warner Bros. to star in the film The Man Who Played God.

Her performances in Dangerous and Jezebel earned her her first Academy Award for “Best Actress”. With a total of 123 performances, Davis has not only become a sought-after actress, but also “the highest paid woman in America,” according to her biography site.

Her incredible journey ended in 1989, when she lost her battle with breast cancer.

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