The Punisher’s creator wants to rehabilitate his character, taken over by the pro-gun militants.

The creator of the character launches a contest to allow black cartoonists to reappropriate the character, which has become the emblem of private militias and pro-gun militants in the United States.

Marvelous anti-hero who never hesitates to use violence and torture, The Punisher has been picked up in recent years in the United States by the extreme right, as well as by private militias and pro-gun militants.

Its creator, screenwriter Gerry Conway, outraged to see the logo of his fetish character (a skull with long teeth) being worn by opponents of the Black Lives Matter movement, decided to launch a contest to allow mainly black designers to reappropriate the character.

“Support Black Lives Matter”
“To be clear,” he added, “this small project is open to anyone who wishes to donate their time and talent. It’s not paid, it’s about raising money to support Black Lives Matter. I hope to be able to use different artists with different artistic styles.”

Created in 1974, The Punisher, first appeared in an episode of Spider-Man. Mad with pain after the death of his wife and children, he is the embodiment of personal justice and revenge. Blinded by the death of his wife and children, he stands out from the other comic book characters of the time by his violent nature and his taste for murder.